Luke 6:47-49
6:47 Whosoever G3956 cometh G2064 G5740 to G4314 me G3165, and G2532 heareth G0191 G5723 my G3450 sayings G3056, and G2532 doeth G4160 G5723 them G0846, I will shew G5263 G5692 you G5213 to whom G5101 he is G2076 G5748 like G3664:
6:48 He is G2076 G5748 like G3664 a man G0444 which G3739 built G3618 G5723 an house G3614, and G2532 digged G4626 G5656 deep G0900 G5656, and G2532 laid G5087 G5656 the foundation G2310 on G1909 a rock G4073: and G1161 when the flood G4132 arose G1096 G5637, the stream G4215 beat vehemently G4366 G5656 upon that G1565 house G3614, and G2532 could G2480 G5656 not G3756 shake G4531 G5658 it G0846: for G1063 it was founded G2311
6:49 But G1161 he that heareth G0191 G5660, and G2532 doeth G4160 G5660 not G3361, is G2076 G5748 like G3664 a man G0444 that without G5565 a foundation G2310 built G3618 G5660 an house G3614 upon G1909 the earth G1093; against G4366 G0000 which G3739 the stream G4215 did beat vehemently G4366 G5656, and G2532 immediately G2112 it fell G4098 G5627; and G2532 the ruin G4485 of that G1565 house G3614 was G1096 G5633 great G3173.

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