John 1:10-17
1:10 He was in the world, the world which came into being through him, but the world had no knowledge of him.
1:11 He came to the things which were his and his people did not take him to their hearts.
1:12 To all those who did so take him, however, he gave the right of becoming children of God--that is, to those who had faith in his name:
1:13 Whose birth was from God and not from blood, or from an impulse of the flesh and man's desire.
1:14 And so the Word became flesh and took a place among us for a time; and we saw his glory--such glory as is given to an only son by his father--saw it to be true and full of grace.
1:15 John gave witness about him, crying, This is he of whom I said, He who is coming after me is put over me because he was in existence before me.
1:16 From his full measure we have all been given grace on grace.
1:17 For the law was given through Moses; grace and the true way of life are ours through Jesus Christ.