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Links This is the Birmingham Castle Bromwich Christadelphians website - find out more about us and our beliefs here, listen to our latest talks - we welcome feedback and comments!
Twitter Follow us on Twitter - Daily Readings posted every day! Thought provoking articles, lots of Bible related information and a Free Bible Study Course, your personal instructor will guide you through an excellent Bible study course, either online or postal.
Bible resources guide A wide variety of Bible resources More information on the Christadelphian Faith and Beliefs. The Daily Reading Plan used at
The Evidence We want to show that there are good reasons why you should consider looking at the Bible
Learn to Read the Bible Effectively This course was developed from a series of seminars, with the sole purpose of encouraging people to read the Bible for themselves. Online Bible Seminars, Learn to Read the Bible Effectively, Bible Videos This website preaches the Good News of Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God. This is the Gospel message, proclaimed in the Bible, for the glory of God and the salvation of all who will hear Him.
The Bible Truth Discussion Forum A lively and active forum discussing the truth of the Bible.
Readings Android App Get the Daily Reading Plan on your Android phone or tablet!
Daily Reading Plan Sword Module The Daily Reading Plan used on this site as a Sword Module (Daily Devotional) references Sword Module The References used on this site as a Sword Module (Commentary)
Import into your Calendar The Daily Reading Plan used on this site, Daily Commandments, and Daily Proverbs in files that can be imported to most Calendar programs
Daily Reading Plan for Olivetree reader The Daily Reading plan for Olive Tree Bible Software for Smartphones and PDAs. Just install the file into your Olivetree folder. Please contact us if you find errors in this reading plan.